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What Makes A Good Mattress Encasement?

What Makes A Good Mattress Encasement?

Simply put, the mattress encasement is basically a full coverage protective cover for your bed. More specifically, they serve many purposes, and most importantly, in an ideal set up they are designed so that they work together to protect your bed from the elements. As you may guess, there’s a lot of dirt, bacteria, and viruses conspiring against you and destroying your bed, so why not fix it with mattress encasements? You see, mattress encasement serve a lot more than just keeping dust and dirt out. The following are just some of the reasons why bedwetting is caused by the bedding itself.

How to Install a Mattress Encasement?

Mattress encasements help to keep bedwetting out. Without them, bedwetting would be all too easy. They’re designed around the sides of the bed, which act as both protection and insulation. This prevents heat from building up behind the mattress, which causes bedwetting. As far as protection goes, you can get protection for both the sides of the bed and the mattress itself. Just make sure that the covers are water resistant and you should be fine.

Bedwetting isn’t the only problem that the encasement can solve though. For one, it prevents your bedding from being destroyed by bedwetting stains.

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