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Turkish Area Rugs

Turkish Area Rugs

turkish rugs

Turkish area rugs | Biev have long been a part of the history of this country. For centuries, young girls have been weaving them. They begin by learning how to weave by watching their mothers. These young women may be making them for their dowry or trousseau. Nowadays, the Turkish government sponsors weaving schools for young girls in order to help them develop their skills and earn more money by making higher quality rugs. There are some things that you should know about Turkish rugs.

The Heart Of Carpet Manufacturing In Turkey For Centuries

One of the most attractive qualities of Turkish rugs is their fine detail and durability. Unlike synthetic dyes, natural dyes last for many years. A typical antique distressed Turkish rug is a great way to add color to any room and can enhance the room’s style. These rugs often have geometric designs. They are also beautiful because they are inexpensive. To buy a rug made from this type of material, it will be hard to find a better quality one.

Many of the rugs made in Turkey come from the city of Kayseri, formerly known as Caesarea. The city of Kayseri is the center of rug production in Turkey. The region of Central Anatolia has been the heart of carpet manufacturing in Turkey for centuries. Other weaving areas include Sivas, Konya, and Nigde. Here, you’ll find a wide range of rugs, including rugs that are made in the traditional way.

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