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The Toy Poodle

The Toy Poodle

Toy Poodles have gained popularity as the choice dog for small indoor spaces. The Toy Poodle is extremely intelligent and highly trainable. They are also very popular as they make excellent watchdogs. This type of dog can be very protective of its owner and it does have a strong sense of smell. Due to their small size, Toy Poodles do not need a big yard to keep them happy.
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A Great Choice For Those With a Limited Schedule

Toy Poodles are adorable and truly loveable. Their small size means that theyll easily adapt to any environment and they have do not possess many do not possess house breaking needs. Toy Poodles can readily fit easily within the palm of your hand. This breed tends to have less hair at the ears than the standard Poodle and this will make the grooming process slightly more difficult but ultimately a positive experience. This breed tends to have a higher activity level than other Poodle breeds. Although tea cup poodles can be quite expensive there are many sources online that offer puppies at greatly discounted prices.

Toy Poodles make great companions because of their loving and protective nature. They make ideal wedding or birthday gifts for individuals who prefer a dog that is reserved and quiet. They are very calm with an independent attitude. Because of their smaller size, tea cup poodles tend to be a bit timid about going out with other dogs and may be more hesitant about going for walks than other dogs. Because of their smaller size when on a leash they should be left alone by the owner. Although they normally tend to be very protective of their owners, this should not prevent you from taking your toy poodle for a walk as long as the dog has plenty of exercise outside of the home.

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