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The Magic Mushroom Dispensary in Vancouver and Toronto

The Magic Mushroom Dispensary in Vancouver and Toronto

Magic mushroom dispensary remain illegal in Canada but as marijuana is legalized, storefronts selling psilocybin are opening in downtown Vancouver and Toronto. These shops and websites sell a range of psychedelic mushrooms, from the popular “microdosing” to full-on psychedelic experiences.

Dana Larsen, who opened the Magic Mushroom Dispensary in 2020, says people are interested in experimenting with this drug to improve mental health and increase creativity. But he’s also noticed a surge in business from people who want to experience what they call a “transformational trip.”

Revolutionizing Therapy: Magic Mushroom Dispensaries at the Forefront

When I visited his shop last week, the psychedelic atmosphere inside was calm and minimalist. Customers were shown to a seating area with books about psychedelics and told they have to show their ID before buying. They were also advised to be careful around others and not to take magic mushrooms with alcohol or any psychiatric medications. That’s because combining hallucinogens can cause “bad trips” and long-term effects like flashbacks.

Customers were greeted with a selection of dried mushrooms, mushroom teas, powders and capsules. A nurse explained that different types of mushrooms provide specific benefits — some increase energy, some focus and some relax the mind and body. She said a person should try microdosing first to see how they react to the drug.

Despite being sold illegally, the mushroom-infused drinks at the store were more popular than the mushrooms themselves. Zoomers offered TikTok-famous Psychedelic Water, along with other non-carbonated options that included relaxing flavors like green tea honey and chamomile lavender. The drinks were infused with kava root, damiana leaf and other herbal substances, as well as a small amount of psilocybin.

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