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The Effects of Smoking a CBD Joint

The Effects of Smoking a CBD Joint

CBD joint

A CBD joint is a product that’s loaded with the compound cannabidiol. These joints are made from hemp strains that are bred to contain high amounts of CBD. They also don’t contain nicotine, trim, or artificial additives.

In order to test the effects of a CBD joint, we performed a smoking experiment. Participants were randomly assigned to either a CBD or placebo group. Then, they were instructed to smoke the joint within 10 minutes.

As a result, a total of 32 participants were tested. They were given two joint per day. After the last test, blood samples were taken. Using HPLC-UV method, cannabinoid profiles were determined.

Free THC capillary blood concentrations were measured. The range was 6.7 to 10.2 ng/mL. This suggests that the joints may have released approximately 3.2 mg of THC by inhaling.

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A statistical analysis was carried out to determine whether there was a difference between the groups. Overall, no significant differences were detected. It was also noted that no significant learning effects were reported.

In addition, participants were asked to perform a motion sequence. Their performance was accurate. But, five times, the participants failed to follow the correct sequence. There were also nine mistakes in the rotation.

Compared with the placebo group, the group that smoked the CBD joint had a more rapid reaction time. The average response time was 46.5 to 70.3 seconds (mean: 60.6).

A comparison was conducted between the number of correct reactions. The results showed that the difference between the groups was within a normal range.

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