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Standing Desk Vs Sitting Desk

Standing Desk Vs Sitting Desk

sitting desk vs standing desk

While standing is more comfortable than sitting, not everyone can benefit from a standing desk. The most obvious reason is health, as standing improves posture and is better for your back and neck. Another health benefit of standing is reduced knee pain. But the research on standing desks has not yet proven that they offer more orthopedic benefits than sitting desk vs standing desk. So which is better? Let’s compare the pros and cons of both. You’ll be surprised by which one suits you best.

Easily Installed On Your Existing Desk

While sitting desks can reduce the range of motion of muscles, standing desks can increase your flexibility. Standing desks have the added benefit of being adjustable. You can use them for longer hours, or you can adjust them to get the perfect height. This can also reduce chronic pain in the back, as sitting desks can only be adjusted so high. Despite the benefits of a standing desk, you must choose one that is comfortable for you.

Research shows that standing desks reduce sitting time by up to 30 minutes per day. However, these benefits are offset by the time you spend inactive in your free time. A recent study conducted by Harvard Medical School found that the difference between standing and sitting was as small as nine calories per hour. This is about the same as the amount of calories you would burn by eating an apple. However, it is best to not expect to lose weight by standing all day. Research has shown that sitting for long periods of time may lead to Type 2 diabetes, high blood sugar, and cardiovascular disease.

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