Over-The-Top Baby Shower Decoration – Perfect For A Girl Or Boy Baby Shower!

Make your next big reveal an amazing blast with this Boy Sex Reveal Confetti Cannons! This inflatable party popper is filled with brilliant blue sprinkles giving the big reveal to those of you who can’t wait to get down. Simply turn the top on top of the base and turn the bottom side of the shell off to release the contents! This boy gender reveal confetti cannon really is perfect for the perfect sex show !

Why Over-the-top Baby Shower Decoration – Perfect For A Girl Or Boy Baby Shower! Succeeds

gender reveal confetti cannon

Boy Sex Reveal Confetti Cannons makes a great addition to any boy shower or even a girl’s only girl shower. If you’re having a boy/girl baby shower then you’ll want everything to be just right. You don’t want people taking advantage of the shower by finding and leaving behind male/female candy at everyone’s tables. You also don’t want someone taking the opportunity of a large explosion to pop someone’s bubble. And since this boy sex reveal confetti cannon has the same great taste and design as the original confetti you can’t go wrong.

The best part about this fun baby shower decoration is that it looks like it was always in your party plan. You can see how excited your guests are just by looking at the baby bottle clusters floating in the air. So even if you are throwing a traditional gender reveal parties, a baby boy/girl shower, or even just a baby shower for the little ones in your life, this awesome centerpiece will be an awesome addition! There’s plenty of different ways to use the Boy Sex Revealed Confetti Cannons too; you can use it as a fun centerpiece on the cake table, along with some streamers, or you can use it as a fun award for the winners of some of the games played at your event.

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