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About Benjamin Armstrong

Benjamin Armstrong born in the picturesque town of Durham in 1986, has etched his name in the annals of London’s retail landscape through his significant contributions to Davis Dozen. Displaying a natural flair for organization from a tender age, Benjamin’s journey from arranging toys to orchestrating business strategies has been nothing short of remarkable. His academic pursuits led him to Durham Johnston Comprehensive School and later to the hallowed halls of the London School of Economics (LSE), where he honed his skills in Business Management. In 2010, Benjamin began his tenure with Davis Dozen as an assistant manager. Within a short span, his unique approach to customer service and adeptness at inventory management propelled him to the role of store manager. Under his stewardship, the store didn’t merely see an uptick in profits; Benjamin ensured a strong ethical backbone, championing sustainable products and a commitment to reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Outside the professional realm, Benjamin, a devoted father of two and an affectionate husband, harbors a passion for photography, often capturing the essence of the UK’s sprawling landscapes. Today, as Davis Dozen stands as a hallmark of excellence in London, the indelible imprint of Benjamin Armstrong’s dedication and vision is unmistakable.