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Merbau Decking – The Advantages

Merbau Decking – The Advantages

merbau decking

If you are planning to build or remodel your garden, then consider Merbau decking for your project. It is a kind of decking which comes in different kinds of materials, each with its own unique feature. This deck is made from engineered lumber which is a kind of hard wood harvested from young trees grown with special care and for its specific purpose. This deck can be used for a number of applications such as for garden decks, backyard pool areas, children’s play area, pool fencing, swimming pools, tennis courts, garden creepers, deck handrails and much more.

Merbau Decking – The Advantages: The Samurai Way

This deck is specifically designed with a special treated lumber so that the texture, color and the strength of the wood will last for years. This deck has also been thoroughly tested under UV exposure and under water stress. It ensures the quality of decking material to last for many years and is sure to provide your garden with an outstanding and healthy environment. The combination of its high density and thickness and its fine, medium and soft grains gives it durability and strength. This Decking material is highly valued for its long term stability.

There are different varieties of woods from which this decking can be made. One of the most popular kinds are treated woods which are known to have a high degree of resistance to moisture and termites. This allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions and keep your garden or backyard safe for your family, pets and valuable items. Merbau decking can be installed as per your desired height and can also be customized to suit your landscape. With merbau decking you can enjoy the beauty of the garden or backyard without having to worry about the safety and health hazards associated with untreated wood. It is an eco friendly solution to a deck which looks attractive and durable.

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