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Jaguar 1961 – A Memorable Moment in Automobile History

Jaguar 1961 – A Memorable Moment in Automobile History

One of the most beautiful cars ever to grace the road, jaguar 1961 evokes nostalgia for an era when craftsmanship and style were paramount in automobile manufacturing. Whether you’re a devoted Jaguar fan or simply appreciate fine art, this painting will transport you back to a time when beauty and culture were inseparable.

It’s hard to imagine today that when this E-Type first rolled out of Jaguar’s Browns Lane production line in March of jaguar 1961 it blew everybody’s mind. At a time when 70mph was considered fast for a sports car, Jag’s brochures claimed the E-Type would top out at an incredible 150mph.

The Allure of Jaguar E-Type: An Iconic Sports Car Ahead of Its Time

The sensual lines of this Series 1 Open Two-Seater were penned by Jaguar’s aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer. Decades before the widespread use of CAD software, Sayer used slide rules and seven-figure log tables to plot every curve. The result was a windcheating machine that looked as if it was floating through the air.

This particular car is unique among Series 1 E-Types in that it’s fitted with early details like outside hood latches and a spot-welded hood with a separate louver panel. It’s also one of the few surviving 1961 cars with the early flat floor design, which separated it from later models that were fitted with recessed footwells. It’s one of just 1,559 right-hand drive 3.8 Coupes built in this early incarnation. This specific example was delivered new to a prominent Jaguar dealer in Birmingham, Alabama and spent the rest of its life cruising the back roads.

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