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Industrial Sliding Gate

Industrial Sliding Gate

An industrial sliding gate is a key component in any facility’s security infrastructure. Designed for the rugged demands of commercial use, these heavy-duty gates are an effective solution for boosting property security, deterring unauthorized entry and safeguarding assets. Additionally, they can be equipped with access control options that bolster security advantages tenfold. With their durable construction, space efficiency, and access control options, industrial slide gates are the perfect fit for commercial properties like warehouses, manufacturing plants, and transportation hubs.

Unlike swing gates, industrial slide gates move horizontally on a fixed track. They are exceptionally space-efficient, requiring minimal clearance to move, making them the ideal choice for narrow driveways, factory entrances, and loading docks. Additionally, their smart appearance and efficient design can make any building look more secure, which can help attract buyers or tenants when the time comes to sell or rent the property.

Industrial Sliding Gates: Heavy-Duty Security for High-Traffic Areas

Industrial gates are available in a variety of styles and designs. Aside from the traditional sliding gate, vertical pivot gates and cantilever gates are also popular choices for securing high-security sites. Each type of gate operates differently, but all of them are engineered for strength and reliability.

Sliding gates operate by counterbalancing the weight of the gate system, with a main support tower and gate back rail bolted together to form a rolling platform. Unlike traditional road rails, these systems can handle up to 10 meter road widths, traveling in free air and relying on the gate’s own weight to keep it from tipping or sagging, thereby eliminating the need for costly overhead supports. Intricate diagonal bracing and trusses are often strategically welded in place to further eliminate gate sagging.

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