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How to Select H-1B Visa?

How to Select H-1B Visa?

h1b visa

The H1B Visa is a non-immigrant visa that can be issued to persons who are qualified foreign workers in the United States of America. This visa has different types and classifications according to the law and the rules implemented by the government. The main purpose for which these visas were introduced was to help the United States economy as the population of the country is increasing tremendously and the jobs are also plentiful. The employment rate of the non-immigrants is quite high in the United States, which is another reason why the United States government has introduced this visa for the workers from foreign countries and at the same time have also made changes to the immigration laws in order to help those immigrants who are unable to go back to their home country after working in the United States.

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There are three classifications of the H1B Visa, the first classification is called the non-immigrant visa. For this visa a person can work for a certain period of time and then when the time limit is finished, they will become an immigrant once they clear the necessary requirement of the visa. The next classification is the non-immigrant visa which is also known as the employment visa. An employee who is on this visa can work for a particular company only for three years. After three years he or she can apply for the adjustment visa.


There are many ways through which the people can get the visa to live and work in the United States of America, but the way by which the applicants select their visa is a little different from the selection process of the American citizens. The applicant of the h-1b visa has to pay a certain fee to the U.S. government authorities and then the visa will be issued to them after the fee is paid. There are different fees that are collected for the various categories of the visa, and they vary according to the country that you are applying from. You need to check with the U.S. immigration authorities to know the exact amount of the fee that you will have to pay. If you want to save money then you can make an offer with the government authorities and then you can choose a cheap visa that suits your requirement.

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