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How Solar Panels Can Reduce Your Energy Costs in Dublin

How Solar Panels Can Reduce Your Energy Costs in Dublin

Energy costs in Dublin are at an all-time high and will only continue to rise. Solar panels are a way to significantly reduce those bi-monthly electricity bills and put you in control of your energy costs. Plus, they’ll add value to your home, as more buyers are looking for houses with solar installed. Read more:solar panels Dublin – topsolarpanelsireland.com

Photovoltaic solar panels generate free renewable energy that will shave a substantial amount off your electricity bills. It will also save you money on your carbon footprint, reducing the need to import fossil fuels. You can choose between a variety of options to suit your needs and roof. Depending on your house size, you may be able to fit up to a 3.2kWp system.

How much will you save with solar?

This is based on an average Dublin six-bedroom home with a south-facing roof. Your savings will depend on your electricity consumption, but it’s likely that the solar PV system will pay for itself in 4 years and 4 months, after which you will be generating free electricity.

There are many different types of solar panels, ranging from monocrystalline to thin film modules. Some of the more popular monocrystalline and thin film solar panels use a new technology called PERC (Passive emitter rear cell) to improve efficiency and performance.

There are a range of incentive programs that can make solar panel installation even more affordable, including the federal tax credit and property tax exemptions. You can also get paid for any excess energy you export back to the grid through Ireland’s feed-in tariff (CEG) rates set by electricity suppliers such as Energia.

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