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Challenges of Aluminum Fabrication

Challenges of Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminium fabrication has become increasingly popular in the fine metal fabrication business. In recent years aluminium has become some of the most attractive attributes for metal workers and designers alike including: its light weight, lightweight characteristics, high durability and resistance to extreme temperature, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance; however, there are some challenges for aluminium fabricators looking to use aluminium effectively within their shop.

aluminium fabrication

Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminium is very durable; however, it is also a very heavy material. The challenge for aluminium fabricators is to reduce the weight of your fabrication. Whilst the aluminium will hold up to the stresses from bending and torsion, the weight of the aluminium itself will cause problems in bending, twisting and distorting. To minimise the weight of your aluminium fabrication, it is important to keep aluminium tubes straight throughout the work piece. The use of aluminium tubing allows you to create smooth curves and allow the aluminium to run through the work piece. By providing the correct alignment of the aluminium, bending of the tubing ensures that the overall structure of the fabrication remains strong, making your aluminium fabrication more robust.

Aluminium can be expensive, however, you can minimise the cost of your fabrication by taking advantage of aluminium fabrication suppliers that offer competitive prices. If you are unable to source aluminium in bulk, a good quality aluminium supplier can offer an extensive range of aluminium products to meet your needs. It is often possible to acquire aluminium at a fraction of the original price if you buy your fabrication from a reputable supplier.

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