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Korean News

Until the late 1980s, South Korea’s 케인 인스타 was tightly controlled by the government. But the political liberalization of President Roh Moo-Hyun’s administration led to a loosening of press restraints. The Yonhap News Agency resumed reporting domestic and foreign news, and newspapers began to expand their coverage to provincial cities. Private broadcasting networks, including the Christian Broadcasting System, resumed broadcasting news and religious programming. And the newspaper Hankyoreh broke with tradition by relying on subscription fees, private contributions, and sales of stock rather than advertising from major corporations to fund its operations.

Which is the oldest news agency in the world?

Journalists also began negotiating with their employers for greater editorial independence and a bigger role in managing the papers. In 1987, for instance, journalists at Joongang Ilbo, a daily supported by the powerful Samsung group, organized a strike to demand greater editorial autonomy from its owner.

The United Nations nuclear watchdog says Japan’s plans to release treated water from the damaged Fukushima plant into the sea meet international standards. The news comes as the countries work to smooth over historical antagonisms. Plus, the hotel in a former palace and artisanal Italian sweets.

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