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jdog Minecraft tutorials

Easy Minecraft Tutorials for Beginners

On the Jdog Official Home Page you can find a huge variety of  Minecraft tutorials for beginner’s or even experts trying to find out how particular server services work. With both Bedrock and Java tutorials you’ll be sure to find the answer your looking for.

The site design is simple and easy to find what you like in the menu categories. And for those of you who like to build WordPress sites there is even tutorials for that also.

Minecraft Servers to Join and Test Mods

Whilst looking on the website we noticed there are 2 servers also publicly available to join wiht all the information, mods you need to add an even a clear explanation of how to install the Minecraft mods to your PC and join.

They have custom build their Modpacks, giving a unique feel of gameplay that many other Minecraft servers dont have. One of them is called “HavoCraft” and is a server inspired by another post apocalyptic game. The level of detail with the mods provided is astonishing and even made us want to play for a bit whilst researching.

The seconds is also based on another popular film/game. Jurassic World is a Minecraft server as you would expect with dinosaurs, fossils and park decorations and enclosures.

The level of detail is quite refreshing and we suggest anyone interested to just take a look even if tutorials arent what your after.

Minecraft Forums For Anyone

Along with the Minecraft tutorials, play with me videos, help desk and other features you also have a fairly nicely set up Forum. With categories split between the Minecraft versions your able to chat or ask questions about a specific Minecraft version to others.

There is also a WordPress forum with a handy backlink exchange category for those that want to grow their sites wiht backlinks.

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