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Archives April 17, 2024

Aerial Lift Certification

Aerial lift certification are commonplace on construction sites and in many other industries. They provide the mobility and flexibility that ladders and scaffolding can’t, but they also present significant hazards to workers who operate them. Fortunately, the safety concerns associated with man lifts can be addressed with proper training and awareness.

This online course provides a comprehensive safety program for various kinds of aerial work platforms, including scissor lifts and boom lifts. It covers the functionality of these vehicles as well as the most important safety procedures to follow when working on them. This includes pre-use inspections, potential hazards during operation, and guidelines for securing equipment after use. It also covers emergency procedures, including how to safely evacuate an aerial lift in the event of a malfunction or accident.

Each lesson module concludes with a quiz, and the course is completed after passing a 20-question final exam. All quizzes and exams are graded instantly, and you can take them as often as you need to earn a passing score.

Aerial Adventures: Training for Safe Aerial Lift Operations

This Aerial Lift (Boom & Scissor Lift) Training certification course meets OSHA training requirements for all classes of vehicle-mounted elevating work platforms. It does not cover the specific details of any particular MEWP, nor does it offer operator licensing. However, it does cover essential OHSA and ANSI standards that all lift users must know to maximize their safety on the job. It is recommended that employees complete a MEWP training course specifically designed for the particular kind of vehicle they will be operating.