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Archives October 22, 2023

How to Fill Out a Wedding RSVP

how to fill out a wedding rsvp

Often overlooked, the how to fill out a wedding rsvp is one of the most important documents to send back to the couple. It gives them a final headcount and helps them to make arrangements for their venue, meal plans etc. Choosing a date for your RSVP deadline can be tricky as you want to give guests enough time to work out whether they can attend but not so long that their rsvp is left on the kitchen counter and forgotten completely.

When it comes to filling out your rsvp, always double-check the invitation for the correct names. If the invite has a line that begins with an “M” this typically means the first letter of the guest’s title, like Mr., Mrs., or Miss. It’s also customary to write the full name of anyone else being invited in your party.

The Complete Guide to Filling Out a Wedding RSVP Card

Some RSVP cards have a box for your meal choice if you’re hosting a sit-down dinner. This can help the caterer plan accordingly and can be a great way to ensure your guests are informed about any dietary restrictions that may need to be considered.

If you’re able to attend, simply write your name and check if you are bringing a guest. If you can’t make it, it’s proper etiquette to decline the invitation and write that you are unable to attend with a short explanation or even a little touch of humor. Be sure to include your mailing address so the couple can send you a gift if you’re unable to attend, and thank them for thinking of you.