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Archives October 8, 2023

Lockpicking Kit

lockpicking kit

A lockpicking kit is the basic tool set that will allow you to pick a lock. At the very least a tension wrench and a pick are required to open a lock, but there are also many tools that can be used in conjunction with these two to increase your skill and efficiency.

A standard lockpicking kit kit will include a pair of small, thin hooks (usually a Bogota or snake style), one or more rakes, and a pinning tweezers. You can also purchase specialized tools such as the city rake, which can be used in place of a snake or Bogota rake, and can be used in a rocking motion to enable the different peaks to touch each other and set pins. This can be extremely useful for locks with a heavier warding or paracentric keyway, as it is much more agile than a standard rake and can be used to quickly set short pins in the back of a lock.

Locksmith’s Arsenal: Exploring the Different Types of Lock Picking Tools

A shim is an extremely versatile pick and should be included in any good kit, as it can be used for several different methods of picking and raking. Its flexible shape allows it to be bent in a wide variety of shapes to reach into hard-to-reach pin positions. It is also useful for helping to locate and bind the first pin of a lock – the one that will resist light pressure applied to it by the pick, preventing it from turning.