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Archives August 7, 2023


Wills and Probate Solicitors in Cheshire

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Ensuring that your loved ones will receive the probate solicitors Cheshire you wish them to receive is a fundamental step in life. A Will constructed by an experienced Wills and Probate solicitor will help ensure that this occurs and that there is no potential for disputes in the future. However, dealing with a loved one’s estate after they have passed away can be complex, time-consuming, and emotionally exhausting. It can also be very expensive and it is important that this process is managed as efficiently as possible.

If the deceased did not leave a Will the process of settling their affairs and distributing the estate can be difficult. This can involve obtaining valuations to ascertain the value of the estate and paying any outstanding debts, which may include funeral costs and tax. The executor/s will then share out the remaining assets according to the rules of intestacy.

Demystifying Probate: What Cheshire Residents Need to Know About Probate Solicitors

The team at Lewis Rodgers offers a full and comprehensive service for estate administration. They can assist with the obtaining of the will, analyzing instructions and project managing the progression through the Probate Registry and the allocation of gifts to benefactors. They will ensure that all tax liabilities are settled and that no mistakes are made. They can also offer specialist advice on Court of Protection and lasting powers of attorney matters. Those who are interested in the firm’s services can visit its website for more information. The practice is led by partner James Reilly, who advises high-net-worth individuals on family wealth planning and has extensive experience of complex probate and tax mitigation work.