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Archives April 27, 2023

Pallet Rack Column Protectors

Once a new racking system is in place and loaded with inventory, you’re probably ready to start operations. But if there will be forklift traffic in your warehouse, you’ll need to consider minimizing damage by installing pallet rack column protectors. These simple devices minimize the impact of forklift hits to a column of racking by deflecting the collision off the base of the upright into the aisle and away from the warehouse floor.

How long do pallet racks last?

There are several different types of column protection on the market, from metal to molded plastics to specialty rubber. Some are bolted to the floor and others snap onto a pallet rack column. Most of the steel and molded plastic guards are designed to protect just one column, while some (such as RAMguard) use a rubber-armored metal design that is highly effective at absorbing impact energy and protecting both columns and forklifts.

Many local building ordinances require that a certain amount of bollard or column protection be installed around racking in a warehouse facility, and the Rack Manufacturers Institute recommends them for all racking systems as well. Whether or not your local building code requires it, though, installing these products can be a cost-effective insurance policy against the possibility of a catastrophic rack collapse from forklift impacts.

DAMO column protectors are available for seismic and non-seismic rack uprights, and they can be bolted to a single frame post or span the entire width of a row of pallet rack shelving. They can be used to protect a front or side-facing column, and they’re compatible with structural, T-Bolt, and interchangeable rack uprights as well as 4×3 and other punching patterns.