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Archives April 8, 2023

Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power

Flowers have a long-standing reputation as a stress reliever and a source of joy. They trigger the brain to produce a chemical that can improve both short and long term happiness.

Get Flower Power has shown that people who are around flowers for extended periods of time report a higher sense of wellbeing and feel better about their lives. They also experience lower levels of anxiety and depression.

This is especially important for older adults, who may be more prone to these issues due to social stigma or because they are less willing to share symptoms with medical professionals. They might not know how to express what they are feeling, so receiving a bouquet of flowers can be the perfect way to show them they are cared for and valued.

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A fresh-cut bouquet is an ideal gift for any senior. Whether they are still living at home or have moved to a retirement community, this floral gift can be a thoughtful and meaningful reminder that they are loved and valued.

Give them a Bouquet of Happiness

It’s easy to let your loved one’s mood slip when they are feeling down, and getting them flowers can help bring a smile back to their face. A 2009 Rutgers study found that people who received flowers reported higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction than those who did not.

Another great reason to send flowers is that they are the perfect way to help seniors remember important events in their lives. Scent and emotion are closely linked to memory, and the smell of flowers can trigger memories that they may not have remembered in a while.