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Archives March 13, 2023

Kettlebell Workout For Abs and Bum

Whether you’re looking to tone up or gain mass, this kettlebell workout for abs and bum | Strong And Fit will be sure to leave you feeling good. But before you start to perform it, it’s essential that you understand how to do this exercise safely and correctly.

What is the number 1 best exercise for abs?

To get started, position your feet a bit wider than shoulder-width apart and make sure they’re pointed slightly outwards. Then, grasp the handles of both kettlebells in a neutral grip and lift them so that they rest at around knee-height in between your thighs.

Inhale as you drive the kettlebells backwards between your legs, and exhale as you swing them upwards (to create momentum) before driving them back out in front of you by hinging at your hips in an explosive movement.

The movement also targets the back stabilisers, deltoids, teres minor and serratus anterior, but it’s the abs that really get the workout.

You can do this move with any kettlebell, but it’s especially effective with heavier weights. To complete this move, you’ll need to ensure that your core is tight and the movement is controlled by squeezing your shoulders and glutes, while keeping your head in a neutral position.

The horizontal row is one of the most commonly overlooked exercises with a kettlebell but it’s a great way to target your abs. When performed correctly, this exercise will help you to build muscle in the midsection while also helping to burn fat.