Should a Lawyer Fight Back?

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here was a recent case where a judge became very angry at the proceedings that were occurring. He said some very angry things to several of the people, including the person that was being tried. The issue was, the lawyer reacted quite poorly and ended up causing more of a mess with the situation than he would have had he just allowed it to go on the record and be dealt with later.

So What Happened?

One of the first things an attorney researches life in the court is that when the judge talks, you close your mouth and tune in. This is because the judge is in control, regardless of your reaction. That being said, when this specific lawyer stood up to defy the judge, the judge essentially threatened to take him out back and beat the daylights out of him. The lawyer made it a bit worse by trying to rile him up more and by continuing to goad him. But that’s not the lawyer’s role in this case – he should have, by all means, declined the offer, sat down, closed his mouth, and asked that that particular interchange be put on the record. That way, he could bring it up later on and get the judge dealt with properly.

Anger in the Court

Why do people continue to get angry in the courtroom? Obviously, there are a lot of emotions going on, but that doesn’t mean that judges and lawyers should be lowering themselves to yelling at each other throughout the entire case. Some judges will react and start yelling back, but that doesn’t solve the problem. Other judges will just wait for the lawyer to relax somewhat, sometimes by acting relaxed themselves and making the lawyer feel sheepish for yelling and screaming in the middle of the courtroom.

lawyer fightsTalking to Ned Khan, (Aurora Divorce Lawyer.) you aren’t supposed to simply ignore that it ever happened. There’s a way to go about it properly. In the event that a judge is out of line, it is not the employment of the attorney to fight back, however to verify it is written on the record. The fight can happen later, in a separate case, instead of during the case that they are trying to take care of at the moment. That way, the Aurora IL Personal injury lawyer can concentrate on helping their client for the time being, and then go back to the issue at hand later on.